English Teacher job in Saudi Arabia 2021

English teacher job in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia needs an English teacher. English teachers teach elementary, middle, or high school students to read, write and speak English. English teachers teach students according to a set curriculum. Any qualified English teacher can apply for this job. Job Devon

JobEnglish teacher
CountrySaudi Arabia
LocationEastern Province
EducationBasic – Any Graduation
Experience2 – 3 Years
For jobApply here

A good English teacher should have the following qualities.

Those who want to succeed in the field of English language teaching, those who want to become recognized English faculties, I think these qualities will certainly decorate you and they certainly equip your personality. They correct your personality to become acceptable recognized personality recognized English faculty in this society and after all what we should beloved by our students.

we should be what others say is not important and very important to us is that the student’s acceptance. he or should say that yes you are a good teacher in English and I like your class very much. and if you want these things I think these points will definitely help you to be a very good English teacher.

1. Command over English. 

Most important for English faculty it’s really high time to speak about this but very indispensable. why most of the management people most of the schools and colleges they speak that we are appointing English faculties but they don’t have command or English. they are no we don’t want them they say.

so first what we complete what we get what certificate we get is not important. whether I have a primary school teacher. whether I am a high school teacher. whether I am a lecturer. whether I am a professor. whether I have n number of certificates, master of English, whatever it is unless.

we don’t have unless we have a command over English. we cannot be accepted in society and that becomes very important. we see many students that at present coming up with master degrees with heavy marks. in their masks are quite wonderful. we don’t have any complaint about their marks they are 70% 80% but when it comes to the command over English there is a big failure.

so hence if you out of English that is the first step to become to stew to start the journey of your English language teaching. so what to do there are many resources available and definitely, I will talk to you about this. so please remember one point come on door English work hard get the command first step.

2. Good communication or good speaker or good writer

so as a teacher of English we must be very good communicators. we must be good speakers public speakers or whatever it is and we must have some wonderful drafting skills. there are many examples that there are many blunders committed by most of the teachers. and that should not happen because it is a question of the generation. it is the question of the students who study under our guidance.

So if we are good communicators. when we have command or English language certainly. we can be a good communicator and we can be a good speaker we can draft wonderfully and all these drafting speaking and everything comes when we have command or English language. so a lot of reading lot of practice, a lot of involvement, a lot of love towards the English language.

please if you really want to be a successful English teacher fall in love with it first. accept it be passionate, be very mad about it, see the change yes if you are a good communicator. students will love you. if I make mistakes while speaking, can you allow me, know if I speak simple beautiful fluent English with proper flow, definitely I will be liked by the students? I will be liked by the public and that paves the way for becoming a good English faculty. be a good speaker.

3. Strong body language

Students enjoy classes especially language classes and again especially English language classes. and we English teachers must be great actors. earlier you know we remember our classrooms in colleges, degree colleges the most respected teachers professors of English.

They used to act and show us about dramas plays and Shakespeare’s dramas whatever it is they used to act they used to bring life to poetry so as a teacher of English. we should be involved very much. so as to make the students enjoy a live session. we have to make them visualize through our body language, our facial expressions, our eye contact, our hands, our entire body, my eyes, my face should speak to you. if even I’m standing quiet without speaking anything my standing quiet should also communicate something to you.

So we should not just be a teacher we must be having a very strong body language. so please remember my friend’s nonverbal communication is the most powerful communication to be a very successful teacher and for English teachers. it is the most if you are in acting if you are showing them through your acts if you are making your hands speak it is said actions speak louder than words.

When we asked you which teacher do you remember you go on telling some teachers why because you remember them because of some interesting things that they have impressed you. they have set on your minds. so we remember those teachers who act in the sense who have strong body language.

Who is very lively in the classroom not just reading and completing the syllabus, not just making the syllabus getting over No be very positive about your body language. have a smile in the English language classroom so that your smile only makes others enjoy your class. and please use hands to make them speak entire body should be communicating. they should be enjoying. 

Let’s see which this should be waiting for your class. so stand in front of the mirror and see your face practice your body language that will add wonderful points to the step of the journey of becoming recognized English faculty.

4. Friendly

For English teacher job, We must be friendly with the students. we should not maintain distance. we should not be so serious because they learn what is life in the language class. in other classes, they learn all theoretical aspects. We as a teacher of language can impact much can create, can mold, can bring in some change in their life by motivating them by telling them something and that is only possible, when we maintain a very harmonious ratio, when we are very friendly, when we call them by their names teachers friends please try to remember your student’s names. call them by their names. they like it very much. be friendly with them.

Talk to them. allow them to make mistakes and then try to correct them in a very friendly manner. pat them for any kind of things. Pat them for encourage them. so if you have this quality definitely you will be a very successful English teacher.

5. Clear objective of teaching English

For English teacher job it is most important. I think I should have written it at the top. anyhow it is the points clear objective of teaching. English has now become an acceptable language for communication. it is a window language and we have to learn it. in spite of our love towards our mother tongue and what is happening in the English classrooms is a big question. because most of the students who pass out securing high marks in the degree and post-graduation unable to come they are unable to communicate in English even after their master degree also. 

Why he is a serious question to be thought over. as a teacher of English you will create an impact. what is your objective? please make it clear. are you going to teach only what is there in the textbook? are you going to make them by heart the things. Are you going to make them only practice what is there in the textbook? no, you will be a successful English teacher only when your students speak some good English.

Remember this, my friends. remember this your students must speak at the end of the year teachers have to evaluate. whether I am successful in my teaching. whether my students can able to communicate in English in at least a few sentences. I will not be 100%. if I bring 100% result to the school or college. I might add a feather to the school or college by bringing 100 percent result.

Scoring marks is not important in English whether the student has followed it with a student is able to speak English, whether the student is able to write some English, then only major in that scale. if your students are able to write and speak then your job is done, then you are a successful teacher. will remember me not for what teaching what is there in the textbook. they will remember me for what I thought for their life and English definitely helps to build their life.

There are other many components and speaking English them a lot in the present scenario. so try to be very clear about teaching English you may be teaching Shakespeare, you may be teaching John Keats, you may be teaching La Bella Dame sans merci, you may be teaching the TS Eliot, you may be teaching Paradise Lost, you may be talking about John Milton, you may be talking about Romantic poets, University Waits, fine no problem talk much about it but at the same time see that whether your student has understood it whether he is capable of following it, whether he is able to reproduce in his own language.

Then only I as a teacher of English will be successful and remember to be very clear about teaching English to create an impact. they should start speaking about whatever you have taught.  they should be casually talking about Shakespeare, they should casually talk about University rates, they should casually talk about French Revolution, they should casually talk about any poetry that you have thought, they should casually talk about romantic poetry, whatever it is William Wordsworth or PB Shelley, whatever it is. they should create their own sentence then only you are successful.

 6. Sense of humor

The next point for English teacher job is a sense of humor. if your class is serious no classis enjoyed please add humor wherever necessary handle. and they know what is life without humor and what is that  English class without humor is a very dull class. it is a very dull class so please remember that you have a great sense of humor enjoy your class, smile in the class, laugh in the class, let the students laugh. don’t make the students in silent.

They should be always nice in the English language class. they should be always noisy academic noise they should enjoy. try to relate the things to the outer world and the title there is nothing wrong in creating some examples or relating some examples to any of your choices. there should be some touch of humor and that humor adds Beauty to the English language class.

So please enjoy love your life in love your life and see when you love English teaching definitely a sense of humor is your cup of tea and we must possess this quality a teacher with our sense of humor. I don’t accept it. I don’t accept please. try to be.

7. Dress sense/ attire

The next point for English teacher job is Dress sense. I have seen many teachers coming very casually. we should be role models to the students. proper discipline the dress the moment they see us look at us they should feel half what dressing since this sir has were dressing since this madam has what a beautiful sari she wears every day what a beautiful shirt what attractive shirt and trousers he wears.

They should comment on compliment do they say sir I like your shirt today sir I like your dressing sense sir your shoes are always polished to sir. these are the qualities that we should we see if we have that dress sense we can create a lot of influence we can influence the children we can influence the students and they will follow us and you know students learn not by teaching by observation. they get many things. they learn by observation and they observe.

Please remember a teacher is observed inch by inch. because we will be standing on the dais many students will be listening to us and no their eyes looking at a whole the body and there will be yes we should be very clear about our dress very neat very pleasing address. so very pleasing dress sense. please have it and see the change.

 8. Inspiring

 please inspire your students. motivate them for many things may be to speak English to write English to read something. Maybe it in any language let them let them read canary let them read Hindi let them read any language. motivate them to read tell them you can do it. tell them you are you have that capacity tell them it is possible for you.

It is possible for you it is to see if these sentences are used to them definitely. they get yes they need only triggering a point they should be triggered. they should be triggered. yes I know you can do it why don’t you accept this task tell them that the mistakes yes don’t worry about mistakes happen but there is a solution for it and every day a new mistake. understand so please always try to be an inspiring teacher. don’t discourage. Don’t do motivate.

If they come with any mistakes no problem. you have tried well yesterday. You did not write at least this but today you have written something. Though there are some mistakes no problem tomorrow I think these will wash away keep up the practice continued the practice try to identify their capacity motivate them in that direction to see the change.

They will remember you throughout your life and that a teacher an inspiring teacher can influence the student’s community. I hope these all top qualities for becoming a successful English teacher will definitely help you understand.


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