Men Clothing Tailor job in Saudi Arabia 2021

Men Clothing Tailor job in Saudi Arabia. A tailor’s job is to sew, join and strengthen clothes. Tailors can work for textile mills, dry cleaning shops, and apparel department stores. They change new and existing clothes with patterns and designs to suit customers’ preferences. If a tailor wants to make his future in Saudi Arabia, he can apply for this job. Devon jobs

JobMen Clothing Tailor
CountrySaudi Arabia
Salary1000 Rial (SAR)
Last date01/02/2022
For jobApply here

Duties and responsibilities of MEN CLOTHING TAILOR

The tailor must be careful.

 A tailor should be careful, be aware before you consider buying clothes according to the garment. You need to know that even the most experienced tailors will not be able to solve all the problems related to your garments. Go ahead with reasonable expectations and find out what they can achieve. For example, even a large tailor cannot shorten or lengthen a jacket significantly without throwing a proportion of buttons or pockets. What can or cannot be done effectively on a suit.

Tailor must be experienced in men’s clothing

 A tailor should have deep experience in men’s clothing. But the length of the sleeve is one sleeve over the head. Which will require a high level of expertise. If the tailor has a slight problem, the customer will start looking for a new tailor.

Come Prepared

Come Prepared. The tailor must be prepared at all times. A tailor should make himself so capable that customers can trust him.

Have a vision for your ready-made suit.

 This will be very helpful for you. The tailor needs to keep in mind how the customer actually wants the finished suit. The tailor should take a moment to talk first and see if what the customer is imagining is something they are capable of creating. Also, the tailor should show his finished product to the customer.

Take a moment and write a list of what customers want to see so they don’t forget when customers come to you. Now, if your suit looks great and has a lot of fabric in it, the customer may be able to trust you. And the tailor customer must understand what the customer actually wants and what the design demands in your suit.

Also, if the customer brings you a jacket and asks you to shorten it, you can do it according to the customer’s wishes. However, it is important that you have a vision for your ready-made suit.


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