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Salesman job in Qatar. Salesmen sell products or services of any company to the public. The job of a salesman is to sell all kinds of products. He communicates with the people and builds their confidence. He takes as many orders as possible and tries to grow the company. Devon jobs

Last date22/01/2022
Salary3000 Rial (QAR)
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Duties and Responsibilities of Salesmen

Salesman duties and responsibilities vary from one business to another. It depends on the nature of the business, the nature of the job, sales policies, etc. However, there are some duties and responsibilities that are common to all.

The main duty of a salesman is to sell and fulfill the offerings offered and to demonstrate the products that are offered to create the possibility of ordering and influencing sales.

 Guiding buyers. A salesman should guide buyers to buy the goods they want.

Pay attention to complaints. A salesman should immediately address customer complaints. And we should try to resolve their grievances quickly and sincerely.

Collection of bills. The salesman has to submit the outstanding bill related to the goods sold. In that case, he has to submit a bill. And you have to send money to your firm.

Collection of credit information. A salesman may sometimes need to gather information about a customer’s creditworthiness. In this case, he has to submit detailed information and submit it to his firm on time.

Salesman reporting. Traveling salesmen, in particular, need to send daily, weekly or monthly reports to their firm. Which provides information about calls. As a result of which the sales affected services faced business conditions in case of route schedule expenses if any.

 Traveling It is important for the salesman to organize his tour program in order to organize. He will have to prepare a route and time schedule for his visit to manage his sales efforts.

 Attend sales meetings. Salesmen are required to attend sales meetings dedicated to their employer so that marketing issues, sales promotion activities, sales policies, etc. can be discussed.

To tour The traveling salesman has to tour regularly to cover the assigned sales territories.

Arranging packing and delivery

Displays window and counter. An indoor or counter salesman has to arrange the product window and counter display in an attractive way to attract the attention of the buyer.

Promoting goodwill is about making every salesman a satisfied client. Who is a customer for his employer and thus promotes the goodwill of his firm.

Working with middlemen salesmen. The salesman establishes a direct relationship with the middle man. Such as distributors, wholesalers, etc., and collect market information. And hand it over to their firm

Recruitment and training of experienced salesmen. Provides training to new salesmen when making sales calls.

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